Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas everybody..!!!

Merry Christmas everybody...!!! This christmas, i didn't gather with my parents and family..T_T but luckily i have uncle and some cousins here, so we had christmas time together.. ^^ also, my friend is here too.. and we had plenty of snacks to merry ourselves on christmas night.. hahaha.. God bless ya all..!!

The Wilsons!

Finally..!! I did the drawing since 4 months ago.. i intended to give my home-parents this as a gift but i didn't have time to finish it.. and so... i gave this final drawing as a christmas present.. ^^ hope they like it..!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mechanism Model

This is my design refinement 1 for my mechanism model. I tell you, folks... IT'S D*** SO HARD..!! it needs much efforts, ideas, mind and soul, or whateverr....!! >_< 
I never found myself so stressed and depressed before..!! I really put all my focus to this project. I go to bed at between 2-4 am just to get more ideas of the mechanism. I sometimes dont have time make my dinner because i have to go to my partner's house to do refinements after school. And if one of my friends in other university tells me that they feel the same as much i feel, i would think, BULLSHIT!! What makes one soooo stressed and depressed is not making resume, power point, script, or what soo everrr, but is how to think creatively, think of ideas, mechanism, to think, think, think, and THINK!!!!! 
So... i've got 15 more days to finish this whole model, but till this stage, i even haven't got all of the materials needed.. again, it's soooooo D** HARD..!!!

Unused design for my website..

I actually did this drawing due to new design needed for my web. I needed it immediately so i finished it in whole nite! Unfortunately, most of my friends thought that this design wasnt fit with website design, soooo.... -sigh- I put it aside and developed the original design.
Anyway, this image was inspired from the song "i can go the distance" - michael bolton.. I intended to put his song in my web but i had changed my design, though..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A short story...

I did this just for a break from other official artworks. Actually at first, the original sketch was drawn on a4 sheet and it was made when i was feeling lonely in my room at my uncle's house. This story just came up in my head and i drew it. Time went by and i came back to my orginal sketch, then i decided to develop it in digital.. so, enjoy..
Here's a letter from a FATHER to all HIS children.
It is true that sometimes we forget about HIM, sometimes we dont even realize that HE'S waiting for us to call HIS name..

hope this drawing can bless ya all...^^ GB

Happy anniversary...!!

Well well... my parents' anniversary is just 1 day after my dad's bday... soooo, happy anniversary mom and dad...!!! wish you both all the best and keep in mind your vows as husband and wife...^^ GBU

Happy bday , daddy....!! ^^

I gave my dad a drawing for his birthday. He is a surgeon so i drew him as a nice, friendly, surgeon..^^ at first i wanted to draw him in surgeon outfit with james bond style, but... it's... weird.... hehehehe, so i changed it and hoped my parents would happy for this one..^^ and they did...!! hohohohoho, happy bday dad..!! may God bless you in everything you do, as a great surgeon, as a father, as a minister, and as a husband...^^ luv n miss you..!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Qnoi & the KING

Here's my old drawings which supposed to be framed, but... anyway, enjoy!

Friday, November 13, 2009

my final task for stapler design project

The project was called :pinched. We were asked to design a stapler considering ergonomics, mechanism, etc. After doing researches, some thumbnails, concept development, and some presentations. I finally came up with my own design and here is my final outlook for the project. But a little bit clumsy, coz i forgot to put a title-which is happened to be the most important, and i also lost some dimension on the views. T_T....

more faces!

here are more sketches i've done..

faces development sketches

heyyyyaaaa dudes..!! well, i was really excited after looking at some character development drawings by some animation artists. And i realized i wasn't pretty good at drawing different types of faces. Actually, i had never practiced on it. hehehhee, so then, i put my guts and started drawing. And here are some sketches i've done, just for practice. ^^

Thursday, November 5, 2009


And this is the final... enjoy..!! ^^

Ballerina sketches

just some studies of ballerina, but what i got mostly were about proportions and body lines..

Linear art..(sort of)

This.. is one of my artworks, of course.. i tried to make something from lines and this is my first time to make this.. so, please tolerate some lines which aren't proportional, hehehe...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Non- outline Zebra..

Again, another animal sketch, well... this is not a sketch, actually.. just wanna try something new.. I was awed by how incredible a zebra is if you draw them black and white, it just assemble with the paper, whether it's black or white one... so, enjoy this black-strip (or white-strip) zebra within white paper..

another animal sketch

My mind was wandering when i finally decided to use new markers my mom bought me..^^ I didn't get any inspiration, then eventually i chose to draw a dog from a poster in my room... thx mom for the markers...^^

Break! Animal sketch

This rough sketch is not a hamster, though everyone must be saying that it is. I forget the name but for sure it's not a hamster, just one of its kind.

Prince of Egypt, part 2... "Let my people go!"

When God sent out the 10 plagues upon Egypt, it was horrible, yet incredible scene. It was Moses' home until he escaped to Midian, and how it tortured him to see the devastation. In this image, Moses was looking at Ramsees, his brother, hoping that he would comprehend the circumstances and softened his heart to let the Hebrew go.


I made this one due to my postcard assignment. This is one of four postcards i made, with 'vector' concept. But of course, i made it tricky by using simple brush on psd, huahhaaha..^^


Just some easy sketches for marker studies.. behold, paris...! from different perspectives, of course....

The Burning Bush

woaaahhh..!! Finally...!! (for i spent half an hour to upload this one, trying to figure out what's the problem..) i use a different brush for this one.. i helped me a LOT that i spent only for 2 hours on it..^^ anyway.... this is The burning-but-not-burned bush, the scene where God reveal Himself through words to Moses. I could not 'express' the burning-but-not-burned, that fire effect just accidentally 'happened', not magically.. hehhehehe.. enjoy!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Yoch's hand--Baby Moses' hand.....
the most touching scene when Yoch let baby moses go in a basket down the Nile River...

The Firaun (who will be moses' 'father' afterwards) determined to kill all baby boys in Israel for they become threats to Firaun..
Yochebed put the baby in the basket and let the river bring him along the flow..
Before that moment, Yoch sang a lullaby, hoping that her baby would remember her in his dream..

" Hush now, my baby.. Be still now, don't cry.. Sleep as you rocked by the stream.. Sleep and remember my last lullaby, so i'll be with you when you dream.."

" River, oh river.. flow gently for me.. such precious cargo you bear.. Do you know somewhere he can be free...?? River, deliver him there..."

then Yoch gave her last kiss to the baby.....


Yochebed.... Moses' mom....
I LOOVEEEE this movie..!!! the graphic is awesome, just like Disney's..!! the songs, the background painting, the character...!!!

The movie is based on the Holy Bible story, Moses....
In the bible, the occasion is focused only on God's calling, but in this movie, Moses is the main character and it's all about him.. YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE..!!

The process of this movie is fantastic!! Dreamworks spent 4 years on the making of this movie.. with more than 300 artists, and other crews.. the drawings are all done manually--2d animation..

Anyway, Yoch lift her song for the baby as she brought the baby to the Nile..

" My son, there is nothing i can give but this chance that you may live, i pray we'll meet again, if HE will deliver us...."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Eiffel illustrator...

just playing with illustrator....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dogs everywhere...!!

This is one of my thousands sketches..!! Well, technically, this is not a sketch, just a rough drawing.. hehheheh... inspired by Mutss by Patrick Mc'Donnel.... but im trying to make them my own way, though... enjoy........!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Yihhaaa....!! I did this for a whole day...!! hope you like it... by the way, this work was inspired by david colman's sketch..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cookie night...

Tomorrow is holiday so I made these just for fun, heheh.. i don't call these 'process', coz actually I think every picture below has its own touch of art.. enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

COMICS! ( click on the comic to zoom in )

If you have ever read chicken soup for dogs and cats lovers, then maybe you know there's a one- panel comic there which shows you a dog and a man.. The dog is standing in front of the door so the man can't walk through.. when i saw that, i thought,'how if i 'develop' this panel into a story..?' hahahha, and so.. this is my illustration.. ^^

COMICS! ( click on the comic to zoom in )

Well well well.. these comic strips are one 'copied' from Garfiled, and another from a funny stories-which again, i 'translate' it into comic... 

COMICS! ( click on the comic to zoom in )

This strip was 'copied' -not exactly, just the story line. I made the characters myself, and also the dog's faces-  from Garfield, hehehe.. i couldn't buy the comic, so i just drew it by my own...ssssttt, don't tell Jim Davis.. 

COMICS! ( click on the comic to zoom in )

Another comic strips.. these were taken from 2 different stories also.. i tried to 'translate' them into comics.. other reason, i was too lazy to hear the teacher explaining subjects in front of the class, heheh.. hope you like them!

COMICS! ( click on the comic to zoom in )

Hellooowww guys... this is my first comic post, but this is not my first comic that i made.. i got lots and lots of comic strips in my house! 
This 2 comics are from two stories which i read. I thought they were funny and i wondered how if i 'translate' them into comic, and so here they are.. hope you guys like it!

Purple flower

I made this flower together with my 'instructor', he made it on another paper. And of course..... i bet most people will agree that his is better than mine.


Before i made this painting, i had made the sketch long ago. The sketch was not finished, until one day i remembered this sketch and i continued then painted it.. This 'forsaken' sketch truly had saved me ( at that time i needed more portfolios for my university request ).

Under the sea...

"The seaweed is always greener, than somebody else's lake.." Hellooow everyone! Enjoy this painting!!

Again, the fairies....

This painting was inspired by Tinkerbell the movie.. it is a great film!! (biggest salutation to Walt Disney and the team!! i just love his pictures^^) but of course i made my own version, hehheh...