Friday, January 25, 2013

Sunsilk - WIP


Sunsilk - Click the Car campaign !

HEY gangs ! it's been ages, i know.. havent really got new paintings to put up here, but here are some of the things that i did at work..

So, Sunsilk gave away 2 Mercedes smart cars (i want one for myself, too bad i was the designer)
and here are some of the finished works..

the campaign - find the yellow car (the smart car) in the images everyday for 3 months.
I give credits to some of my friends who have helped me in hiding the cars XD #KemasAcil, and #Seno who helped me with the coloring on the theme 'Themepark', and my project managers, creative director, thanks for the opportunity guys ! =D

my massive credit to the One who gives me the ability, the skill, who kept me going. It's for You, J =)
All glory be unto The Most High.