Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cookie night...

Tomorrow is holiday so I made these just for fun, heheh.. i don't call these 'process', coz actually I think every picture below has its own touch of art.. enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

COMICS! ( click on the comic to zoom in )

If you have ever read chicken soup for dogs and cats lovers, then maybe you know there's a one- panel comic there which shows you a dog and a man.. The dog is standing in front of the door so the man can't walk through.. when i saw that, i thought,'how if i 'develop' this panel into a story..?' hahahha, and so.. this is my illustration.. ^^

COMICS! ( click on the comic to zoom in )

Well well well.. these comic strips are one 'copied' from Garfiled, and another from a funny stories-which again, i 'translate' it into comic... 

COMICS! ( click on the comic to zoom in )

This strip was 'copied' -not exactly, just the story line. I made the characters myself, and also the dog's faces-  from Garfield, hehehe.. i couldn't buy the comic, so i just drew it by my own...ssssttt, don't tell Jim Davis.. 

COMICS! ( click on the comic to zoom in )

Another comic strips.. these were taken from 2 different stories also.. i tried to 'translate' them into comics.. other reason, i was too lazy to hear the teacher explaining subjects in front of the class, heheh.. hope you like them!

COMICS! ( click on the comic to zoom in )

Hellooowww guys... this is my first comic post, but this is not my first comic that i made.. i got lots and lots of comic strips in my house! 
This 2 comics are from two stories which i read. I thought they were funny and i wondered how if i 'translate' them into comic, and so here they are.. hope you guys like it!

Purple flower

I made this flower together with my 'instructor', he made it on another paper. And of course..... i bet most people will agree that his is better than mine.


Before i made this painting, i had made the sketch long ago. The sketch was not finished, until one day i remembered this sketch and i continued then painted it.. This 'forsaken' sketch truly had saved me ( at that time i needed more portfolios for my university request ).

Under the sea...

"The seaweed is always greener, than somebody else's lake.." Hellooow everyone! Enjoy this painting!!

Again, the fairies....

This painting was inspired by Tinkerbell the movie.. it is a great film!! (biggest salutation to Walt Disney and the team!! i just love his pictures^^) but of course i made my own version, hehheh...

Jack's 7th bday!!

I've been living with a local family in Melbourne, and i really thank God for they are very kind and nice to me^^. It's Wilsons family! And today is their boy's birthday, Jack! I was confused in choosing his birthday present, so i finally decided to give him a poster of transformers, ehehe..^^ and this is Jack.. oh, im just trying to see the difference between jack-with outline, and with no outline.. And since i cannot decide which one is the best, so i insert both of them^^..

Another birthday present!

This is my friend's family. I gave this for his father's birthday. Happy birthday, God bless you^^!



well... one thing I hate bout scanner is that it cannot bring drawing to 'real'...!!
I really love fairy tale. Somehow I wanna believe that fairies are do exist, i just keep it in my imagination though, coz when it comes to reality, imagination must be buried.


Now this is the final artwork. I don't think it's the best but i kinda like the bear, hehhe..^^ And FYI, it's not Koda!!! >_< it just looks alike, but it isn't!!


This is the first sketch and first basic coloring look in digital. Actually at first i wanted to make it a little bit mysterious. It's about a girl in the photo who is holding the teddy doll turns to a doll herself. But somehow, i couldn't express it, so.. enjoy the process to final artwork! 

My mom's birthday present!

well well well.. My mom turns 41 this year.. And voila! This is a present from me and my sister (I drew it and my sister's the one who 'begged' me to draw it). From left to right, my mid sis, my big sis, my dad, my mom, the twins, me, and my aunty.. I like this a lot^^ !! Happy bday mom, may God bless you always with health and all the best!

Mother nature

This is a black-only-water-paint painting. I didn't know exactly what i was painting, i don't think mother nature suppose to be black, it should be green, shouldn't it? And that withered trees are supposed to be blooming, hehe..

Nature's View

I've always wanted to see the view of fall season, i bet it must be beautiful to see all colors of nature turning orange and red. And now here i am in australia. Well it's winter now, but spring will come next 2 months followed by autumn, i can't wait for that.

Bali dancer

Bali is such a wonderful island. The beaches, the sun, the tourists, the hotels, the swimming pools.. Bali is like my second home, for my cousins live there and i used to visit them every year. We will meet again, cousins!

This drawing was inspired by a huge painting in my house- but it's no more for my dad had sold it. So in other word, i 'copied' it, heheh.. and i love this drawing. The way that the painter painted it with losing some lines is just so creative! He made it like it's a sketch, but It's not a sketch though, it's a final work.


When i was a child i always wanted to be a ballerina, but of course it's just a little girl's dream, i think every little girl wants to be ballerina. Now, as I'm growing up, my dream has changed, but still, I'm really hoping if I am a ballerina right now. I love to see how a ballerina raises her arms gently and beautifully, how she puts her feet up in the air and 'fly'.

Another digital work, Sweeney Todd..

This one was also made with a help of my 'instructor' .He is one of my favorite illustrator, i got motivated by him and his illustrations, to see more checkout

Sweeney Todd = Johnny Depp. What a great actor!! I've watched Johnny's movies and I was quite surprise when I watched this one. He's been acting as a funny guy but this time he acted as an evil one! He doesn't look like him! He is one of my favorite actors. You should watch this movie.

First digitalwork, FLASH!!

Hello guys! this is my first digital artwork. I made this by the help of an 'instructor' who is my sister's friend.