Friday, October 30, 2009

The Burning Bush

woaaahhh..!! Finally...!! (for i spent half an hour to upload this one, trying to figure out what's the problem..) i use a different brush for this one.. i helped me a LOT that i spent only for 2 hours on it..^^ anyway.... this is The burning-but-not-burned bush, the scene where God reveal Himself through words to Moses. I could not 'express' the burning-but-not-burned, that fire effect just accidentally 'happened', not magically.. hehhehehe.. enjoy!


  1. gue suka pohonnya, tapi apinya ga keliatan. kalo u ga bilang itu burning bush gue kirain kuning-merah itu background. hayo, blajar bikin api.

    overall gue suka. u udah semakin bisa mengontrol dimensi benda. good job :)

  2. itu bukan apiiii..>_< itu cm efek2 api....uheeueuehehheheeh..^^