Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mechanism Model

This is my design refinement 1 for my mechanism model. I tell you, folks... IT'S D*** SO HARD..!! it needs much efforts, ideas, mind and soul, or whateverr....!! >_< 
I never found myself so stressed and depressed before..!! I really put all my focus to this project. I go to bed at between 2-4 am just to get more ideas of the mechanism. I sometimes dont have time make my dinner because i have to go to my partner's house to do refinements after school. And if one of my friends in other university tells me that they feel the same as much i feel, i would think, BULLSHIT!! What makes one soooo stressed and depressed is not making resume, power point, script, or what soo everrr, but is how to think creatively, think of ideas, mechanism, to think, think, think, and THINK!!!!! 
So... i've got 15 more days to finish this whole model, but till this stage, i even haven't got all of the materials needed.. again, it's soooooo D** HARD..!!!

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