Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sayonara 2013

Lazy 31th morning painting..
This might be one of my best years, I've witnessed the work of God done throughout this year in my life.
I wish i could shout it from rooftops the mighty things God has done with me, this year has not been a waste, it's been the most gracious year. All praise and glory be unto God.
2014, I welcome you with eagerness, fear of what's coming ahead, but who cares as long as I can see greater work of the hand of the Almighty. My prayer is for God to continue His work of sanctification and conform me to the image of Christ, in order to honor, worship, obey, and love Him more as He deserves to receive my utmost.
Sayonara 2013. 2014, let it come.

Fashion randomness

Trying some new brushes and style. I am no fashionista to be clear. An artist share this page and i found it to be a good source for random sketch.. This one is inspired by this.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Airport random

Just got back from my vacation and i missed painting already ! Here is one quick drawing to end the year.. There are so many characters that can be drawn from the airport, i wish i brought bigger sketchbook, bah!
Anyway, this girl in particular really caught my attention, she's really pretty that i kept staring at her hehe.. I think she's a greek. I was caught staring by her boyfriend, sorry mate, no weird stuff happened i promise, i just had to draw her that's all ;D

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

An early greeting..

 So, i wont be around my laptop on christmas day, like i said before on my previous post im going on vacation =D
This week has been exhausting, because of the time and energy spent on buying gifts for people, not that i dont like giving presents, i love giving presents but i hate when i dont know what to buy for the person..
Anyway, this christmas i feel something missing, huge thing.. When i see people hunting for presents, how they talk about what they do on christmas, where they go to spend the holiday, i feel something has gone wrong.. Christmas has lost its meaning, and it is quite ironic..
Cant really say that it's the "most wonderful time of the year", it is more like the "most ironic time of the year," when people in their ignorance forget the true message of christmas, and the message is in the word itself, "Christ"..

So, after hunting for presents, i felt that everything that i bought is meaningless.. I dont feel happy about giving presents to people, not because i dont like to give, but because christmas is not about that. Oh, how we all have fallen and led astray by the tradition of the world. I was just feeling to make a card to give to some of my friends, and while thinking what should i write of the card, these words came up, so here you have it !

Im not really good with typography though i love it ! But i've tried my best to match things up here, will keep learning.

PS : very happy with the print ! This is the first time i use the printer to print my art ! I used textured art paper and oh it's beau-ti-fullll =D I think i will do this more often, hope my mom wont get upset her printer out of ink real quick.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Tis the season !

Merry Christmas all !! it is a few days early but im going on vacation so wont be able to upload it on the day.. So i will let these 2 lil guys to entertain you till christmas day hehe =D

Here they are without my ugly handwriting..

 photo iseng_zps71217f80.gif  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Unused mural idea

So christmas is approaching FAST, and I was thinking to draw mural on my church's wall, but I had to drop the project coz apparently i couldn't finish it in 2 days (it was to be finished for an event), besides, the elder didn't approve the design, he wanted it to be colorful.. oh well, next year then..

I have an exciting GIF prepared for christmas day ! Wait for it !

Saturday, December 7, 2013

First GIF !

 photo gif_frozen2_zps5f3a175c.gif
Yippie ! So, here is my first GIF on this blog.. It's saturday morning and was getting motivated to do some new stuff ! It's inspired by Frozen, if you haven't seen it, watch it ! I watched it twice and do not mind for a third round, it's beautiful in a cold way :D