Friday, October 30, 2009

Non- outline Zebra..

Again, another animal sketch, well... this is not a sketch, actually.. just wanna try something new.. I was awed by how incredible a zebra is if you draw them black and white, it just assemble with the paper, whether it's black or white one... so, enjoy this black-strip (or white-strip) zebra within white paper..

another animal sketch

My mind was wandering when i finally decided to use new markers my mom bought me..^^ I didn't get any inspiration, then eventually i chose to draw a dog from a poster in my room... thx mom for the markers...^^

Break! Animal sketch

This rough sketch is not a hamster, though everyone must be saying that it is. I forget the name but for sure it's not a hamster, just one of its kind.

Prince of Egypt, part 2... "Let my people go!"

When God sent out the 10 plagues upon Egypt, it was horrible, yet incredible scene. It was Moses' home until he escaped to Midian, and how it tortured him to see the devastation. In this image, Moses was looking at Ramsees, his brother, hoping that he would comprehend the circumstances and softened his heart to let the Hebrew go.


I made this one due to my postcard assignment. This is one of four postcards i made, with 'vector' concept. But of course, i made it tricky by using simple brush on psd, huahhaaha..^^


Just some easy sketches for marker studies.. behold, paris...! from different perspectives, of course....

The Burning Bush

woaaahhh..!! Finally...!! (for i spent half an hour to upload this one, trying to figure out what's the problem..) i use a different brush for this one.. i helped me a LOT that i spent only for 2 hours on it..^^ anyway.... this is The burning-but-not-burned bush, the scene where God reveal Himself through words to Moses. I could not 'express' the burning-but-not-burned, that fire effect just accidentally 'happened', not magically.. hehhehehe.. enjoy!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Yoch's hand--Baby Moses' hand.....
the most touching scene when Yoch let baby moses go in a basket down the Nile River...

The Firaun (who will be moses' 'father' afterwards) determined to kill all baby boys in Israel for they become threats to Firaun..
Yochebed put the baby in the basket and let the river bring him along the flow..
Before that moment, Yoch sang a lullaby, hoping that her baby would remember her in his dream..

" Hush now, my baby.. Be still now, don't cry.. Sleep as you rocked by the stream.. Sleep and remember my last lullaby, so i'll be with you when you dream.."

" River, oh river.. flow gently for me.. such precious cargo you bear.. Do you know somewhere he can be free...?? River, deliver him there..."

then Yoch gave her last kiss to the baby.....


Yochebed.... Moses' mom....
I LOOVEEEE this movie..!!! the graphic is awesome, just like Disney's..!! the songs, the background painting, the character...!!!

The movie is based on the Holy Bible story, Moses....
In the bible, the occasion is focused only on God's calling, but in this movie, Moses is the main character and it's all about him.. YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE..!!

The process of this movie is fantastic!! Dreamworks spent 4 years on the making of this movie.. with more than 300 artists, and other crews.. the drawings are all done manually--2d animation..

Anyway, Yoch lift her song for the baby as she brought the baby to the Nile..

" My son, there is nothing i can give but this chance that you may live, i pray we'll meet again, if HE will deliver us...."