Friday, September 14, 2018

Koi Pond

Crossing the giant koi pond 
On our giant lily pads.
Maybe it's not such a bad idea
To be little after all.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

By dandelion's field

By dandelion's field we close our eyes to dream,
while the seeds dance like the innocent's breath
in the swirl of gentle breeze.
When we awake from their kiss on our cheek,
let us not forget the childlike dream we dream..

Just this.

Books, food, flowers, and you ! Just wanna be like this with @gratimocious☺️😂❤️ Took the time to paint those flowers one by one, and i enjoyed it so much ! Im trying vintage this time, and try to add lighting, which one is best ?

The hills are alive..

My favorite song of the movie :)

When you know the notes to sing..


Remembering our shared laughter yesterday. It's been so long since we enjoyed ourselves with good laugh. 

We made it..

For the last 7 months since Timo's recovery, we have been still working on the story that we want to bring to the world. I have never imagined how hard it is to make a story! The company and instant mindset that have wrecked me put its toll on Timo. We quarrelled a lot for our different opinions, i became impatient for the way he develops the story, the pressure we got from our own family suppress us so much - this made the development even slower and even more difficult. 
People have told us and pushed us to create a story that fulfills the market demands, that is, something that sells. So we tried. And as we tried, the more we got into fights and at one point we just couldnt work it out anymore. We thought about ending this partnership, we decided to stop communicating for some time because talking about the story became too much painful and difficult. The strain between us has tightened up to the point of ripping apart.. And so we split away..
Finally i told Timo that what makes this process impossible is because we have something that's been pressing our heart to tell this one thing, but what we've been doing is creating a story that's not relevant to us at all. And so we started all over again. Throughout the process, still, my stubborness and impatience, the pressure from family got even more hurtful, we got into depression again, faithless at times, but we persevered, by grace. I learn a lot from Timo, he awakens the principles and determination that i had once, we get better in our communication and grow so much together - in faith in our God, in love, in understanding each other's mind, in the vision of our work. This is the 8th story (should be more but i cant recall the rest at the moment), that went through 6 alterations. This is our story, but mostly, Timo's personal story, his heart & soul, his cries & questions. And finally.. We've reached our first steppingstone.. PS : we cannot share the story yet because it is still in development stage, but we will and cannot wait to share it with the world !! 

Come what may..

"Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing ?
Come back to me, and forgive everything.
Seasons may change, winter to spring.
I'll love you, till the end of times."

My first featured ever !!

I got soo excited !! Wow wow.. The interview has been uploaded !! Soo, this is my first time and i realize my clumsiness in answering the questions 😭🙈, but but im soo happy to given the chance, thank you so much @ballpitmag for the privilege ! I am totally humbled to be among those amazing artists in your website.. My fingers are literally shaking writing this, Thank you so muchh ! If you wanna read my interview online -- 



2nd anniversary

Even though it's very hard for me to be where we are now, it must be even harder for you. Im sorry to have failed you in supporting you and taking the share off your load. I dont know how we will fix this. But know that i love you, and will try again to somehow help you, so that i can stay by your side. For the years to come, for you, mein liebe.

How God uses you.. part 3

You make known to me the true forgiveness, and you wrap me in the love which has covered your tender heart, and that's not the end of it.. And i want to share in that love with you as it guides and protects us out into this broken world..