Thursday, November 26, 2009

A short story...

I did this just for a break from other official artworks. Actually at first, the original sketch was drawn on a4 sheet and it was made when i was feeling lonely in my room at my uncle's house. This story just came up in my head and i drew it. Time went by and i came back to my orginal sketch, then i decided to develop it in digital.. so, enjoy..
Here's a letter from a FATHER to all HIS children.
It is true that sometimes we forget about HIM, sometimes we dont even realize that HE'S waiting for us to call HIS name..

hope this drawing can bless ya all...^^ GB

Happy anniversary...!!

Well well... my parents' anniversary is just 1 day after my dad's bday... soooo, happy anniversary mom and dad...!!! wish you both all the best and keep in mind your vows as husband and wife...^^ GBU

Happy bday , daddy....!! ^^

I gave my dad a drawing for his birthday. He is a surgeon so i drew him as a nice, friendly, surgeon..^^ at first i wanted to draw him in surgeon outfit with james bond style, but... it's... weird.... hehehehe, so i changed it and hoped my parents would happy for this one..^^ and they did...!! hohohohoho, happy bday dad..!! may God bless you in everything you do, as a great surgeon, as a father, as a minister, and as a husband...^^ luv n miss you..!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Qnoi & the KING

Here's my old drawings which supposed to be framed, but... anyway, enjoy!

Friday, November 13, 2009

my final task for stapler design project

The project was called :pinched. We were asked to design a stapler considering ergonomics, mechanism, etc. After doing researches, some thumbnails, concept development, and some presentations. I finally came up with my own design and here is my final outlook for the project. But a little bit clumsy, coz i forgot to put a title-which is happened to be the most important, and i also lost some dimension on the views. T_T....

more faces!

here are more sketches i've done..

faces development sketches

heyyyyaaaa dudes..!! well, i was really excited after looking at some character development drawings by some animation artists. And i realized i wasn't pretty good at drawing different types of faces. Actually, i had never practiced on it. hehehhee, so then, i put my guts and started drawing. And here are some sketches i've done, just for practice. ^^

Thursday, November 5, 2009


And this is the final... enjoy..!! ^^

Ballerina sketches

just some studies of ballerina, but what i got mostly were about proportions and body lines..

Linear art..(sort of)

This.. is one of my artworks, of course.. i tried to make something from lines and this is my first time to make this.. so, please tolerate some lines which aren't proportional, hehehe...