Friday, October 9, 2009


Yochebed.... Moses' mom....
I LOOVEEEE this movie..!!! the graphic is awesome, just like Disney's..!! the songs, the background painting, the character...!!!

The movie is based on the Holy Bible story, Moses....
In the bible, the occasion is focused only on God's calling, but in this movie, Moses is the main character and it's all about him.. YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE..!!

The process of this movie is fantastic!! Dreamworks spent 4 years on the making of this movie.. with more than 300 artists, and other crews.. the drawings are all done manually--2d animation..

Anyway, Yoch lift her song for the baby as she brought the baby to the Nile..

" My son, there is nothing i can give but this chance that you may live, i pray we'll meet again, if HE will deliver us...."

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