Saturday, June 12, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010


Okay.. sooo, there's something wrong with the final game.. it's not what i was expected and yes, i am definitely very disappointed of it... so, just let me upload all things that i've made...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Sooooo.... i was desperate to get things done and perfect.... but eventually, i came up with these frames... i havent given these to my lecture, but i hope he would be surprised (finger crossed!)

So, here they are.. now i present you, the 6 frames of 'All that Jazz'...

for : Ned Culic - my honest, encouraging lecture - (whom i respect very much for his honest opinion that i always seek from professional people but found none. He is the one who is able to do that)


The Showbiz

Jazz Fever

Black Trio

Hot Hat Dancers

Lady Diva

Champagne et Lune

Failed works...

I was asked to make 6 frames that represent a song... The song is up to my choice...
at first, i chose "i can go the distance" - michael bolton, but my lecture didnt like my concepts.. then, i chose "the plague" - prince of egypt, but i failed to impress my lecture.. And so, i chose "all that jazz"- chicago, and from my first sketches and concepts, my lecture didnt like them at all..


This is just one of the environments in the game... yes, i made them all in Illustrator.. and hey! i kinda like it..^^ this is the first time i've ever made illustration in illustrator...


And this is the instruction board... hey, im just the designer, the rest that will make all these things alive and make this one of the greatest game ever that students have ever made is the CODING... and i think my partner has been doing a great job...^^

Main menu

This is gonna be the main menu... Actually, the original name of the game is "ORPHAN".. but i think it's more than just it.. THIS IS GONNA BE A GREAT GAME!! ^^

more JAMES..

James, the orphan

So... i've been doing my game project and this is the final design that im gonna use in the game...