Friday, November 19, 2010


I finally decided to go to Disney Masterclass with Glen Keane (the most inspiring artist in my life) and Roy Conli (The nicest producer i've ever met!!)

I was so overwhelmed and astounded by the appearance of Glen Keane, since i never ever dreamed that i would see him in Australia, in my age, in my uni year.. (Thank God)

They shared many things, some sequences from Tangled, Glen even drew some sketches demo!! Today is trully an amazing day and this is the best day ever, but the best is yet to come and i promise you that!

There are book signing after the "Masterclass" and i waited 2 hours to be the last person (the 2nd last, hoping that they would remember me, and asking Glen to draw a special drawing for me ^^)

Trully, i am grateful to be given this golden chance to meet Glen Keane in my early age.. Thanks God.. the best is yet to come!! ^^ I'll see those people again in Disney soon!!

with Roy Conli

with Glen Keane^^

"Long Live Animation"
Glen Keane
PS : He asked me if im related to animation, and i said, "I am an artist and animator."

"Always Dream BIG"
Roy Conli
PS : after i got home, i read his message and i burst into tears

Walt Disney's signature on "Dreams Come True"
Ps: Pretty cool huh? ^^

Lella F. Smith
The writer of the book


Three signatures of AWESOME people in one page!!

I'll keep this ticket!!!!

Ariel by Glen Keane, just for me!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!???

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