Tuesday, December 24, 2013

An early greeting..

 So, i wont be around my laptop on christmas day, like i said before on my previous post im going on vacation =D
This week has been exhausting, because of the time and energy spent on buying gifts for people, not that i dont like giving presents, i love giving presents but i hate when i dont know what to buy for the person..
Anyway, this christmas i feel something missing, huge thing.. When i see people hunting for presents, how they talk about what they do on christmas, where they go to spend the holiday, i feel something has gone wrong.. Christmas has lost its meaning, and it is quite ironic..
Cant really say that it's the "most wonderful time of the year", it is more like the "most ironic time of the year," when people in their ignorance forget the true message of christmas, and the message is in the word itself, "Christ"..

So, after hunting for presents, i felt that everything that i bought is meaningless.. I dont feel happy about giving presents to people, not because i dont like to give, but because christmas is not about that. Oh, how we all have fallen and led astray by the tradition of the world. I was just feeling to make a card to give to some of my friends, and while thinking what should i write of the card, these words came up, so here you have it !

Im not really good with typography though i love it ! But i've tried my best to match things up here, will keep learning.

PS : very happy with the print ! This is the first time i use the printer to print my art ! I used textured art paper and oh it's beau-ti-fullll =D I think i will do this more often, hope my mom wont get upset her printer out of ink real quick.

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