Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Poem

I went through my journal that i have abandoned for long today, and found a poem i wrote in my afflicted moment. I cant really recall what i was going through at that time, or maybe i do remember some fragments but decided to keep it to myself.

It's a good thing to have a daily journal, i learn to look back and remember again all the pains, all the joys, all the things to be learned, and in all that i see how God has been faithful.. It always reminds me again as if it says, "See, girl, you were downcast, but God (i love these words, BUT GOD..!) but God was your hope and He delivered you. He was there, He has always been there, and is."

Maybe i'll continue writing my journal (maybe..) im good at pouring my minds on to paper, just not good at structuring them (one thing i hate about writing). So, here is a poem.

ps :  i couldnt think of a title at that time, and i couldnt think a title even when im writing this.

"I say, He says."
by : me

Disgusting, say I.
Beautiful, says He.
Repulsive, say I.
Wonderful, says He.
A dirt. A pearl.
A discarded junk. A treasure.
Worthless. Priceless.
A mistake. A masterpiece.
Valueless. Bought with a price.
Like a trash to be burnt. You are the apple of My eye.

Unwanted. Adopted.
Rejected. Accepted.
Unloved. I gave My life for you.
O what am I ? Dust.
That You should choose me. Only by grace, child.
I shall taste and see. The grace I have given thee.
And proclaim that You are glorious in me.

edited : so after some time thinking of the title for this, i decided to title it "I say, He says."

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