Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mystery package

So i woke up this morning and never have i expected to see a mail since i moved from my old apartment..
the funny thing is, when i first saw the mail i was thinking, "i wish that's for me" (i love getting a mail, and package!!) and it came to my surprise, it IS for me ! i almost couldnt believe it
My heart was pounding and i impatiently open up the package with confusion and excitement, with a lot of question and expectation in my head..

And inside,  wrapped around plastic and bubble wrap (whatever the name is), a little book. I was stunned, frozen, and speechless..

No note, just a name Whiteybooks, and an adress, and a little signature which has faded.. And i searched for the address on google map like mad, and it only showed me a beautiful house from outside..

This is a surprising morning, indeed.. Please please tell me whoever you are, i would so much love to know the reasoning and give my gratitude..

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