Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dedicated to the man behind Apple


I dont know why but i felt oblige to draw something regarding him, though i tried to ignore the force but i just couldnt help it.

Even though i never really knew him in person, and sometimes feel a little despise for those who over-adore Apple products, i realize after his death that Mr. Jobs indeed was a very influential person who truly had changed the culture of technology. I dare to say that he was probably, for me, someone like Walt Disney, in different role of course. 

It was so sudden and i was completely surprised by the news, i didnt even believe the news at first, i thought maybe it was another hoax, but the news unfortunately, was true.

Mr. Jobs had left his heritage in a very unique form, a breakthrough in design of technology. And for his work, his endless hardwork, and his passionate spirit, he had my profound respect. 

Mr. Jobs... YOU.DID.IT

ps : not the best i could do, but i couldnt get this image out of my head that i felt the urge to draw.

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