Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AncesTree Map

Hey all, i know it's been quite some time and i did promise to upload some new works.. im working on them, really !! just wait for em ! =D Anyway, i have this big uni project in which we have to design the whole concept of a planet that has been assigned to us (a group project, and im the manager!)

The game is called Aspergion, a WOW- like game.. We are the production team, but we still have to re-make the whole concept of the planet.. So, this is AncesTree -- the greeniest planet in the galaxy, from where you can find any info about the past and history of your ancestors..

I give you, the map ;)

Top View

Front view


  1. gue suka concept artnya. semoga gamenya sebagus concept artnya :)

  2. nyah =D thanks ko.. moga2 ya, soalnya mereka mau nya jd realistic gitu, bukan cartoonistic..