Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Awake for every moment

I was having insomnia last nite, my brain couldnt stop thinking and while listening to Josh Groban's 'Awake', this picture came across my mind and after some thinking i finally decided to get up and draw..

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Josh Groban's and listening to both of his previous CDs have moved me to tears on more than one occasion but after listening to Awake over and over again, I have to say that I'm disappointed. I can't seem to find the same Josh in this CD, I know that he's trying to modernize his music but this "new style" of music doesn't really suit him, I particularly dislike his singing falsetto, he has such a powerful voice with an incredible range, he should use it. Of all of songs, I like the February Song and as much as I love the Romeo and Juliet song, I feel that his passion is somewhat lacking. This is definitely not his best work and I'm looking forward to his next CD.