Saturday, September 18, 2010

Faith of a woman..

This is the first time i make such piece.. How did i come up with this??

I was reading the bible and there was a story about a woman who had a flow of blood (bleeding) for 12 years. Then it just came to my mind every panel of the story. What did the woman feel when seeing Jesus? How did HE react when HE felt a power going out from Him?? Since then I have this passion to pour the story into comic.. And here it is! Somehow, i believe that GOD put this passion into me. Although i make this comic on my own, somehow i felt sooo blessed myself and i hope it could bless you too...

I finished this piece in 2 days.. it was tough. But oddly, i felt a great, indescribable satisfaction that i've never felt.. Frankly, though i make a drawing every day, it never gave me satisfaction that is satisfying.. but this time.. i felt sooo proud, purely satisfied, and so blessed...

I really really hope you guys be blessed by this story, enjoy!

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  1. this is koooll sistaa..hihi..terus berkarya yaaa :)