Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The final model

Finally...!!!!!! my 'rube goldberg' is finished!!!! yeayayyyyyyyyy!! ^^ Thx God....!!
and thanks for my friends for their supports...^^ it took around one month to finish, with 3 hours- sleep in 2 days with my partner, and every day in church on holiday. The thing was, on the last day before the presentation day, i still couldn't get it working..!! And on the presentation day, i was shaking sooooooo baddddd...-_- that hardly control my hands to put everything in order. Well, on the H day, this thing was not working as i expected. I was kinda upset and disappointed but thank God the lecture gave good compliment on it..^^ *thx Prima*
Overall, i am grateful, i am not complaining about how much i'd sacrificed for it, i take it as an experience that i wont forget... and hopefully, this can be one of my portfolios..^^ 
Anywaaayyyyyy, i am just wondering why my lecture gave me this project!! >_<>


  1. katanya ini ada videonya. manaa?

  2. beloomm... hhehehe... ada kesalahan teknis..