Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jack's 7th bday!!

I've been living with a local family in Melbourne, and i really thank God for they are very kind and nice to me^^. It's Wilsons family! And today is their boy's birthday, Jack! I was confused in choosing his birthday present, so i finally decided to give him a poster of transformers, ehehe..^^ and this is Jack.. oh, im just trying to see the difference between jack-with outline, and with no outline.. And since i cannot decide which one is the best, so i insert both of them^^..


  1. sebenernya gue suka ilustrasi tak ber-outline, tapi karena yang bawah kurang kuat dimensinya, jadi gue lebih suka yang ber-outline untuk kasus ini.

  2. ........... iya aja dheee.. aku kan masih latiaaannn..>_< btw thx loh komennya, huahahhahahha!!!!