Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another digital work, Sweeney Todd..

This one was also made with a help of my 'instructor' .He is one of my favorite illustrator, i got motivated by him and his illustrations, to see more checkout

Sweeney Todd = Johnny Depp. What a great actor!! I've watched Johnny's movies and I was quite surprise when I watched this one. He's been acting as a funny guy but this time he acted as an evil one! He doesn't look like him! He is one of my favorite actors. You should watch this movie.


  1. weeeesss...hahaha..cie..cie.. "instructor" hahaha...

  2. rambutnya terlalu kribo..ada yang kurang di mukanya.. mungkin idungnya yaa?

  3. ...... ci meliiiii.......-_-" punya nama jgn anonim donnkk....